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What it means to me to Be Bold? To Be Bold is to be powerful, to make a change, to be truly comfortable in your own skin without fearing the judgement of others. Everyone has the voice of ‘Be Bold’ somewhere deep inside them, it’s just what you do with it.

Being Bold led me to train to become a Pilates teacher in 2012 and subsequently set up my own small business. Something my 16 year old self would have never believed she was capable of doing!

I discovered Pilates by chance, in 2010 I was working for a big record label in West London and was looking for a new way to keep fit. I’d tried gyms, classes and going running but I didn’t find anything that really grabbed my attention so my friend recommended I try some Reformer Pilates. I think it took me 3 classes before I was totally hooked. From the moment I laid down on the machine to stepping out of the door, I didn’t think of anything else. It completely takes over your mind, you have to concentrate so hard to get the exercises right and I loved this sense of mental freedom! Not only that but my body started to tone up in ways it never had before, everything felt tighter, leaner and longer and all I had to do was lay down and listen to the instructor for the next hour. Semi lazy fitness, yes please!!

Over the next couple of years the love affair continued. During this time I had changed jobs and was working for a big financial firm – not exactly the dream. I had never really enjoyed working in an office, especially as a Personal Assistant. It was all I had known and I was tired of being somebody else’s dog’s body. I needed a change so badly, it was all I could think about. Pilates was my only real relief. By this point I was doing at least 4 classes a week, it was totally breaking my bank balance but it was worth it! I then started to day dream about being an instructor, the more I day dreamed the more it started to feel like a reality. Why couldn’t I do this? I was ready to get studying again and have a fresh challenge in my life.  This was my Be Bold moment!

Making that decision was life changing, finally I was taking the reins and owning my own life. Yes that sounds cliché and cringe but it’s the truth. I felt empowered and in control. Of course it was a struggle balancing a full time job and training to be a teacher but it had to be done. All my spare time was taken up by studying and teaching, my social life took a hit and I couldn’t get to as many Pilates classes but hey ho.

Getting my teaching certificate in February 2013 was an amazing feeling. All those long hours had finally paid off, now what did I do? Do I make the jump, quit my job and become a Pilates teacher full time? I decided to keep my office job on a part time basis and build up my Pilates business slowly. It takes time to source loyal clients and hire spaces for classes, let alone make a profit. To my surprise I have kept this balance to this day. I actually appreciate my office job, something I’d never thought I’d hear myself say. I really enjoy both careers, even though they are poles apart! I get a huge thrill out of running my own Pilates classes, working in a hectic office job for five hours a day and organising my Ibiza wedding which is taking place this July! Pilates has most definitely changed my life for the better.


I’m mentally and physically fitter than I’ve ever been. This doesn’t mean that I just eat salads and smoothies now that I’m part of the fitness industry (although I do love a good smoothie pic on my insta – guilty.) I did feel pressure in the beginning to look a certain way but over time I’ve realised that I love alcohol, bread and sugar far too much to worry if I’m the perfect physique. I also think this kind of confidence comes as you get older, hitting 30 has definitely changed my mind set for the better. I still go out at the weekend with my mates and in all honestly enjoy getting smashed, who doesn’t? Yes Pilates is my therapy but so is getting pissed and staying up all night having fun. My music industry days still haven’t quite left my system, hence the Ibiza wedding !

Top 5 tips

  1. Worry less
  2. Dream more
  3. Set goals to make those dreams a reality
  4. Push yourself in order to achieve those goals
  5. Don’t be hard on yourself if you make mistakes or if things don’t work out as planned. Got back to stage 1 and KEEP TRYING!

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